Secrets Of A Hotel Booking Agent To Get The Best Services


Secrets Of A Hotel Booking Agent To Get The Best Services

We love to travel abroad and stay in a nice hotel for as long as we want. And it’s a cherry on top of the hotel if it has nice clean sheets, a beautiful view, and room service. But, only the Ginnie can grant three benefits in one hotel. Because searching for the perfect hotel abroad is not an easy task. The blog has top secrets from a hotel booking agent to reserve a perfect hotel. 

However, there’s no dead end for learning, so you can learn the art of booking the right hotel abroad with our special tips. 

To help you in your adventures, Ameri Go Voyage, your dedicated hotel booking agent and friend, brings you this detailed guide. So read this blog post thoroughly before making an expensive and regretful reservation. 

Booking A Mid-Range Hotel 

Book a mid-range hotel rather than spending all your money on hotel accommodation. Because we believe it’s better to spend money on fun activities rather than a hotel. 

However, expect to get what you were promised while making the reservation. Most hotel booking agents and companies promise a lot of things while booking but offer nothing when it comes to delivery. So keep checking the services they offer and record every detail of what's been promised to you. Also, keep the bills and receipts with you.

Stay Well Informed

With the change in the climate and weather, airlines and hotel industries have changed their rules too. Ensure that you are well aware of the rules before making another reservation for a trip. Ask your hotel booking agent if there are any new rules, rewards, or offers I should be aware of. Also, know nearby places to eat, read and visit when you make reservations. Do your research before a hotel booking agent or tourist guide fools you.

Keep Your Preferences On The Top 

Have you made any unusual requests to your hotel booking agent? Well, a few interesting requests have come to us. One visitor asked that the temperature in their room be set to a specific value when they arrived. Another visitor inquired about the layout of the space to determine whether it aligned with their feng shui. If you have some unusual requests, do not hesitate to ask. You are paying the money so you can feel comfy. So even if you have strange habits that make you feel good, for instance, turning the AC on before reaching the hotel room, you should get it. 

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Booking A Hotel After Midnight

Booking a hotel after midnight is as easy and normal as booking a hotel for the day. Most hotels operate at night, so they have special staff to attend to your needs. You just have to find the right hotel, which is not about the money and takes care of your safety and comfort. You may find these hotels near an airport as people flying by flight arrive at odd times. One thing to remember is that these hotels may have expensive rates. Check multiple hotel options online to find a reasonable hotel or negotiate with your hotel booking agent politely. You may ask the locals to help you with the search or ask a friend who lives in the same city. Inform someone you trust and keep emergency contacts handy on your phone.  

Questions To Ask Before Making Reservations 

The secret to enjoying the perfect room service and perks of hotels lies in the reservation. If you do not ask the right questions about the hotel and the amenities it offers, you have no one else to blame but yourself. Knowing what questions to ask is essential for booking a room that meets your expectations and desires. Here is the list of questions that people ask us all the time. We are happy to share the knowledge so you can make the right choices. 

What Questions Should You Ask From A Hotel Booking Agent? 

Along with the usual inquiries, guests should find out whether there are any additional costs, such as parking or resort fees. If you don’t, you’ll be disappointed when you check out the fees added to your accommodation bill that you weren’t aware of.

What Questions Do Guests Usually Forget To Inquire About? 

Many times, visitors neglect to inquire if a hotel has any special deals or perks, including passes, tickets, or discounts for nearby attractions in the area they will be visiting. Customers should inquire about any discounts. For instance, you might have discounts that will cut your weekly accommodation charge. Especially if you are a member of AAA, the military, a large firm, or a government organization, ensure to ask your hotel booking agent all these questions. 

Booking Hotels Online Vs. Offline: Why Do The Prices Vary? 

You may wonder, why are the prices occasionally different when you book directly at the hotel where you want to stay versus booking the hotel online? Whereas it should not be the case. The rates should be the same whether you make a reservation over the phone or at the hotel.

How May A Visitor Receive Extra Upgraded Perks?

Getting extra perks is best accomplished by enrolling in the hotel chain’s loyalty club. If a guest stays there frequently, they may be able to accumulate points toward a free night and provide other benefits. Typically, upgrades are provided during check-in as a way to recognize loyalty to the business. It is a way of saying thank you to the hoteliers or hotel booking agents to the loyal clients. 

What Additional Services Are You Unaware Of? 

A guest can ask for anything reasonable. And a hotel will do anything to fulfill its needs and demands. For example, if it is an anniversary, honeymoon, or any special occasion, you can ask for strawberries and champagne upon arrival. Remember, you cannot get what you don’t ask for. 

Conclusion: The More Details, The Better

As a hotel booking agent, we can tell you that we love it when you share tiny details with us. Most guests hesitate to ask what they want, so they wrongly assume that we don't like to help them with the search. However, that is not true at all. We love challenges and are happy to plan your stay during road trips, vacations, or business trips. Moreover, share the details which are important to you. For example, what to eat for breakfast, being close to a particular place, having specific bathroom choices, etc. All the details will help accommodate your needs better because we are here to give you the best experience. 

Ameri Go Voyage welcomes you to contact them anytime you face a query on hotel booking. We are a reliable hotel booking agent who keeps your safety, comfort, and needs on priority. Not only that, but you can also book the cheapest flights and cabs to travel abroad or anywhere you want. We are a one-stop destination that makes your travel diaries adventurous and memorable. Book cheapest hotels, flights, and cabs on your website and get assured rewards and offers.


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