How To Choose The Best Backpacker Travel Insurance As Per Your Needs?


How To Choose The Best Backpacker Travel Insurance As Per Your Needs?

Chances are you have spent a lot of your time planning the trip of your lifetime, and it is probably not going to be a budget trip. And travel insurance may seem like an unnecessary expenditure, but it’s not. You may spend a lot more in the case of any unforeseen event or an emergency. An injury will mean spending on the hospital bills, a missed flight may result in buying new tickets, and lost luggage is usually not paid for by the airlines in full. 

Medical bills are the biggest expense you will have to pay if you face a travel mishap. You may think that you don’t need any medical cover because you generally stay fit and healthy, but this does not guarantee the possibility of having an accident or falling sick during your trip. Being in a different place, with different weather and eating habits, can make a generally healthy individual fall ill. 

With all the backpacker travel insurance available, it can be confusing for a person to select the perfect travel insurance according to their requirements. We have created a list of important things to remember while selecting the best backpacker travel insurance for your future trips. 

Why Do You Need The Best Backpacker Travel Insurance? 

Before going in-depth, we will first look at what a backpacker's travel insurance is for and what kind of coverage it provides. Depending on the package, the best backpacker travel insurance may incorporate a blend of the following points. 

Medical And Health Insurance 

If you face a serious health concern that needs urgent hospitalization during your travels, the medical expenses can quickly soar through the sky. It is especially the case for countries where medical expenses for a prolonged period can put them in debt for several years. But even if it is a moderate-level case, a visit to the doctor for any illness, hospitalization, or just some medical tests can cost you a huge sum of money. The best backpacker travel insurance will cover your medical expenses in this scenario. 

Worry-Free Travels

Worry-free travel may be the ultimate reason for taking long-term travel insurance. We often enjoy it more when we know that every single thing is covered and will not put us in debt in case of an emergency. 

Luggage Coverage (Loss, Destruction, Or Theft)

A well-known case that almost every traveler is aware of is losing their backpack. Imagine arriving at the destination, but the backpack gets misplaced or is damaged. Your stuff may also get damaged during a bus ride, or even worse, they get stolen. In such instances, some travel insurance organizations will compensate you with at least a percentage of the total amount of your baggage. However, you must be careful when buying travel backpacker insurance because not everything is covered under the luggage section (for example, electronic gadgets). 

Risky Sports

Going on a trip around the world is a chance for some individuals to boost their adrenaline by participating in sports such as canyoning, mountaineering, rafting, or parachuting. Getting injured while playing a sport is possible, and having backpacker travel insurance during that time may be useful. But unfortunately, being covered for sports mishaps often require paying additionally in your backpacker travel insurance. 

Cancellation Coverage

You may have to put a break on your trip because of the death of a close individual, or you could get very sick on the same day of your flight departure. Or you may get stuck because of a strike or some natural disaster. In these situations, it may be beneficial to be insured against the instances of absolute necessity. It is bad enough having to put a break on your trip, but getting your money back might help you a little. 

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How To Select The Best Backpacker Travel Insurance For Your Trip?

We hope that we have persuaded you enough that if you plan to go on a trip, you should buy backpacker travel insurance without second thoughts. So, if that is the case, then you must be thinking about how to select the perfect insurance suitable for your needs. 

The answer to this is that no insurance can cover all your travels. The perfect insurance may vary depending on the type of trip you are taking, your needs on this trip, and your expectations. To make it simpler for you, let’s check all the points that will influence the choice of the insurance you take. 

To select the correct backpacker travel insurance, assess your requirements, such as 

Countries You Are Visiting 

Suppose you are traveling to countries like the United States or Canada, where medical expenses are very high. In that case, you most likely won’t select the same backpacker travel insurance as if you were traveling to Asian countries. 

Risky Sports 

As said earlier, it is generally necessary to pay an extra amount to be insured while playing certain sports that are considered dangerous.  

Duration Of The Trip

The prices of the insurance may decrease depending on how long the trip is going to last. The longer the trip, the low-priced it gets per month. 

Valuable Goods 

Suppose you are traveling with some expensive camera equipment and an expensive tent. Now imagine losing all this stuff doesn’t feel good, right? If you are the kind of individual who carries expensive stuff around, then backpacker travel insurance is a good idea.

Traveling Alone, With Family, Or As A Couple

Some backpackers' travel insurance offers special prices for families or couples. 

Large Budget And Global Coverage Or Small Budget And Minimal Coverage

While traveling, do you want to invest as little money as possible and cover the most basic of points, or do you prefer to add more money and cover everything you need? 

Most Important Basis For Selecting A Backpacker Travel Insurance

Even if you don’t have a big budget, there are a few things you cannot compromise on that are non-negotiable and important for any worthy backpacker travel insurance.


In an instance of an emergency, you need to have backpacker travel insurance that will cover all your expenses of any medical repatriation. 

Support Number 24/7

When you need to communicate with a backpacker travel insurance company during an emergency, you don’t have enough time to wait for a customer service office to open up in the morning to get your work done. 

Medical Coverage

Your backpacker travel insurance should cover all your medical expenses, whether an emergency or not. The maximum amount payable for guarantees should be as large as possible. 

Civil Liability

Unintentional physical or material damage caused by accident can feel extremely costly. It is thus important to have an even bigger coverage limit for this. Even more than your medical expenses.

If you are looking for travel insurance for backpackers that can cover all your needs, such as medical emergencies and evacuation, flights and trip cancellation, and baggage loss and delay, then head to Amerigo Voyage. We are one of the leading providers of international and domestic trip protection services and products. We offer premium quality coverage that helps our travelers stay covered and carefree. Plus, if you want to book a flight or hotel room, you can rely on us again.

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