How To Find Cheap Last Minute Flights [Top 6 Ways]


How To Find Cheap Last Minute Flights [Top 6 Ways]

No matter how futuristic you are, sometimes you have to take last minute flights to reach your destination. Whether due to family emergencies, or unexpected trips, sometimes you don't get the pleasure of advanced information. Also, what is life without the thrill of adventure? Traveling is the best form of adventure out there. And this last-minute trip pumps up the adrenaline and gives you the thrill you want. 

Although unexpected trips can be more amazing most of the time, the only thing that concerns a flier is costly tickets. So, if you want to save some money on flight tickets and travel on a budget, you should know the ways to make affordable last-minute flight bookings. Check the tips for getting cheap last minute flight deals and ensure to be well-prepared for unplanned future trips.

Are Last Minute Flights Cheaper? 

In general, flights charge less last minute if a good number of seats are available for booking. In contrast, if the flight is almost booked, the airline is likely to increase prices. Also, there is a direct connection between cheap last-minute flights & short-distance destinations and more expensive flights & longer-distance destinations.

5 Ways To Get Extremely Cheap Last Minute Flights 

There are plenty of tips to help you find last-minute cheap flights. Most avid travelers are aware of some of these tips, while others only know a few of them. However, it is important to know them all because using them all together is the right way to make cheap flight bookings. Let's check out the tips that will pave your way to cheap airplane ticket bookings: 

Use a Flight Map

If you're not set on a clear destination for your last-minute trip, you can use a flight map to help you find the most affordable deals.

Sites like Amerigo Voyage and Google Flights provide flight maps to help you check various options flying on your preferred dates from your nearby airport.

On the other hand, if there is a specific place you want to go to, you can still use the flight map to your advantage. Use this to check flight fares of flights flying from several airports to your destination or to any of its closeby areas. After that, compare the prices charged by every option and then select the best option that fits within your budget.

Be Flexible with Your Travel Day and Time

If you need to get a cheap last-minute ticket, you'll need some flexibility regarding the weekday you will be traveling on. Try to travel, especially on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. These are statistically the cheapest days on which to fly. Conversely, stay away from weekends - Sunday is the most costly day of the week to take any flights. 

The same rule goes for the time of day your flight will take off. Fewer fliers choose dawn and midnight flights, which is why those flights tend to be less expensive than the flights that takes-off at any other time of the day. Thus, if possible, go for a night or early dawn flight and take last minute flights without burning a hole in your pocket.

Be Flexible With Your Destination

It is best to be flexible with your destination and date & time for those who really want to save the most money while flight booking. However, if having flexibility about both things isn't possible, then at least be flexible about your travel destination. 

Airline search engines have made it easy to search worldwide to find the cheapest tickets. You no longer need to search flight tickets manually, city by city, or day by day. Websites like Amerigo Voyage provide exploring tools that allow you to be in your home airport and see a world map with all flights on it. It enables you to compare multiple destinations without brainstorming every possible option easily. Thus, you may find some attractive destinations you didn't even think of but can consider traveling to. Now, pick one destination that interests you the most and make flight bookings for it.  

Always Consider Budget Airlines and Alternative Airports 

Airports are also worth considering when you need budget-friendly travel. If you have a taxi or car budget, choose airports a little further from your intended destination. Airports charge a fee from airlines to get their planes to land on them, and this fee affects the fare of the flight tickets. Furthermore, the fee charged by the busy airport is often more than that charged by the smaller one.

Not traveling directly to a big city can be the main advantage when trying to get cheap last minute flights. Also, budget airlines are cheaper than their counterparts. However, they may require a lot of compromising on luxuries on your part, but it's an acceptable deal against less cash in your wallet.

Take a look at Amerigo Voyage's online booking platform, which also offers restaurant booking and cab booking services so that you can easily commute to a distant airport. 

Find Individual Tickets When Traveling in Groups

The other way to save money on last-minute flight bookings (or any flight) is to search for one ticket at a time, even if you're traveling in a group. Mostly, you will end up finding cheap seat tickets. However, there may be only one seat left at that price. Also, you will only see it if you search for one seat at a time only. If you search for a group of seats at a time, the lower-priced single seat won't be a part of your search results. 

If you find a low-price seat on a flight, book it first and then book the other seats individually while following the same procedure. It can at least save a fair amount on one ticket. Also, be aware that since you booked individually, you all may not be sitting together.

Search Online For Holiday Packages

Alternatively, you can check out last-minute deals when traveling in groups to book single-flight tickets. Join mailing lists and keep an eye on upcoming airfare deals.

You should also check out package deals for accommodation and flights. It's easier to find last-minute cheap flights for package holidays than solo flights.

Find the best flight deals at Amerigo Voyage. We provide flight booking services to more than 500 travel locations around the world. With us, there is no need to search multiple websites for the best prices as you can compare them all in one place.

When Are Last-Minute Flights Cheaper?

The only time period when last minute flights are cheaper is the low season. It includes time during winter (except Christmas holidays), early autumn days, the spring season, and the days after the New Year. The reason responsible for this is that people don't travel much during these times because of the unavailability of holidays. And thus, airlines face the unavailability of passengers to fill the flight seats.

During low season airlines think it is appropriate to reduce their flight booking fares. Making it is the best time to find cheap flights to travel to any location at a reasonable price.


Whether you are traveling for a family emergency, a short business trip, or an unexpected trip, always looking for the best on offer? Check Amerigo Voyage. We are a top online booking platform for flight booking, train booking, hotel booking, restaurant booking, cab rental, etc.

Amerigo Voyage also offers the best last-minute flight deals. So, what are you waiting for? Just give us a call at 5155169010 and find the best flight deals to fly anywhere throughout the world. 


Do Flights Get Cheaper on Tuesdays and Wednesdays?

Tuesday and Wednesday are both the cheapest days to book domestic flights. If you are in the US, the cheapest day to depart is mid-week - usually Tuesday or Wednesday- if you're flying within. Tuesday ticket prices are about 24% lower for the economy class than Sunday's peak prices. Thus, by booking on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, you can save up to $85 per ticket.

Are Midnight Flights Cheap? 

It's a great idea to book your flight ticket at midnight. Yes, flight ticket prices go down at midnight. The statistics show that Thursday midnight is a good time to make your seat reservations for domestic and international flights.

How Can I Find the Cheapest Flights of the Day? 

Here's how to find the cheapest flights of the day in the following: 

1. Keep your search a second through the incognito tab.

2. Use the best flight search engine.

3. Remember the cheapest day to fly.

4. Fly for free using points and miles.

5. Be friends with budget airlines.

6. Search online for airline errors and deal fares.

7. Book connecting flights by yourself for less.

8. Search for the cheapest place to fly to. 

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