Thinking Of National & International Flight Booking? Remember These 5 Things


Thinking Of National & International Flight Booking? Remember These 5 Things

Do you know that more than 60% of people make wrong flight bookings while planning a trip? 

There is no doubt that booking a flight can be a confusing task when you have thousands of options. People do a lot of research while booking a flight for a traveling destination, whether it's food facilities, discounts on travel tickets, or special offers on selected festivals. 

Despite that, more than a half of people suffer from wrong flight booking during their journey. If you are one of them, this post brings you the things you must know about national and international flight booking.

Avoid These Common Mistakes While Booking Your Flight.

It would be best to be attentive while booking a flight for your domestic or international trip. A wrong flight booking may waste your money as well as your time.

According to the survey, more than half of people booked their flights for the wrong date and time. If you are one of them, avoid these common mistakes while booking your flight.

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Booking Flight Tickets Too Early

Did you know that you can get the lowest fare 60 days before your International flight and 45 days before your domestic flight?

Many people like you pay high fare charges because of early flight tickets booking. You can avoid paying higher by booking your flight during this period. Try to book your flight tickets in advance unless it's very urgent. 

Enter The Wrong Passenger Details 

People enter correct passenger details during flight booking; like entering the wrong passport number, missing the personal details may cost you much. Ensure to enter the precise information in the passenger details as in your passport.

Wrong Time

If you have a period that doesn't run by the 24-hour clock, you can be the victim of the wrong time format.

Many people are confused between 12 AM and 24:00. It is crucial to have a clock system of the 24-hour format while booking a flight ticket.

Before booking your flight tickets, you must understand this clock format because most flight booking systems work in this format.

Wrong Traveling Date

You may not believe this, but most people make this common mistake by entering the wrong traveling date on the booking websites.

The reason is that they don't understand the booking system. Flight booking websites have the current date as the default date, which means you enter the correct date during the booking process, but when you edit after shuffling back, the date is set as default automatically, which is the current date.

You must recheck the date before proceeding with the checkout; otherwise, you book the flight ticket on the current date.

Check The Luggage Allowance

Every Airline has a different luggage allowance as per guidelines laid by the Airline department. You won't be allowed to board your flight if you carry more luggage as per the luggage allowance.

Most airlines allow 15 kgs of luggage allowance while traveling domestically, whereas 30 kgs in case of international travel.

It would be best to pack your bags, keeping the luggage allowance in mind. Otherwise, you will pay a hefty amount for additional items in your luggage.

Covid Protocols To Look Out For Before Booking Domestic Or International Flight

Booking a flight after COVID is not as easy as before; Different Airlines make a massive list of COVID Protocols for passengers to follow during domestic or international travel.

If you ever wonder, do national & international flights require a covid test? Then read the set of rules below carefully.

Covid Test Report Is Mandatory

COVID test report is mandatory for both domestic and international travel. All passengers must submit their negative report of the COVID test within 72 hrs before undertaking their journey. If you don't have a negative report of your COVID test with you, have mild corona symptoms, or have ' tended your Quarantine, it is better to avoid traveling.

Covid Situation At Your Destination

If you are not sure about the COVID situation at your destination, review the situation of the corona there before booking your flight tickets.

Some countries have strict rules for International passengers, like 15-30 days of Quarantine.

Masks And Social Distancing Are Mandatory

You must wear your mask and keep your social distance throughout your journey. If you are without any of these during the boarding process or travel, you may be fined by officials a heavy amount or imposed different charges under the guidelines.

Is It Possible To Book An International Flight Without A Passport Number?

Can you book international flights without a passport number? Yes, you can book an international flight without a passport number, but your passport is required to start the boarding process. Some Airlines require you to enter your passport number while booking the flight.

What Is A Passport Number?

A passport number is the unique nine-digit series of numbers connected with your passport application with the name of the passport issuing office. You can easily find your passport number near your passport photo on the first page of your passport.

How To Book An International Flight Without A Passport Number? 

If you ever face a problem in which you don't have a passport in your hand while booking a flight for international travel. You may follow this process to book your flight tickets without a passport number instantly.

You can enter all zeros in the passport number field while booking the flight will be enough. But make sure to update your passport number by contacting the Airline when you have your passport. 

Are International Flight Tickets Refundable?

If you are going to ask, are international flight tickets refundable? Then, the answer is Yes, international flights tickets are refundable, but it all depends on the refundable policy set by the Airline. Many international flights will give a particular percentage of the refund amount to their customers during the cancellation of flight tickets.

Due to high operable costs, international flights have more refundable options than domestic flights.

A Quick 101 Guide To National And International Flight Booking 

Now, you know the required information, such as various rules or common mistakes that most people make while booking your National or international flight. 

Before you proceed to book your national and international flight, here is a quick guide that you need to check to book your flight like a Pro.

Search For Local Airlines

The first thing you need to do while booking your national or international flight is check for the local Airlines. Visit your local Airlines website and check the various offers available; this will help you book your flight at lower fare charges.

Use Incognito Mode While Searching The Flights

Use incognito mode while searching for the flights; You can notice the increase in fare charges every time you search without incognito mode. These high fare prices are due to the cookies in your browser. 

The website increases the fare charges after a repeated search from the same browser, the only way to avoid this is by using incognito mode.

Book Your Flight In Advance

If your journey destination and schedule are clear, we suggest booking your flight in advance. You can save a huge amount by booking a flight ticket in advance. You can save a significant amount if you follow this step.

Search For The Cheapest Places To Travel

Research about the cheapest places to travel via google to choose the destination that costs you fewer fare charges.

You can enter your destination and hit the search button to see which cheap flights are available. You can plan your journey based on enjoying the best places.

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Make A Payment In A Cheaper Currency Than Indian Rupee( INR)

Many Airlines ask you to pay the travel fare in the currency of your destination country. You must check the payment option available on the flight booking website and see if they receive the payments in other cheaper currency than the Indian rupee. If you are willing to travel to India, looking for this point would be the best option.

Try to make payments in cheaper currency; this will save you enough money, which you can use for other purposes.


Flight Booking won't be that tricky or confusing if you have the proper procedure or information. You must do research and avoid the common mistakes at any cost mentioned in this post. Search for every single way you can save on booking your flight and read the terms and conditions of the Airline before booking any National or International Flight.

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