Things To Check Before Booking The Cheapest Self-Drive Cars


Things To Check Before Booking The Cheapest Self-Drive Cars

Having a car at your disposal when you are going on a trip is the best way to explore any country. You can book the cheapest self-drive cars for when you are going on a trip to get the freedom of movement and independence to move freely and explore the places around. And if you are going on a long trip, then the cheapest self-drive cars can be more economical in contrast to taking public transport for every place you have to go to. 

However, getting the cheapest self-drive cars abroad for rent encompasses much more than just driving on the other side of a road. Here are a few things to remember when booking a car online for trips to other countries.

Booking Cheapest Self-Drive Cars Online Beforehand Can Save You Money

The car rental rates are always cheaper when booking your self-drive car online instead of at a counter. So, booking a car for rental online and finalizing the payment before you leave the country will save you a lot of money. You can also eliminate the risk of fluctuating exchange rates, unfamiliar rental clauses, and other issues. With a rental car booked beforehand, you do not have to think about how you will commute from one place to another in a different country. You can go directly to the airport's counter and pick up your rental car or have your car delivered wherever you want to make your trip smoother. 

Are You Age Eligible To Rent Cheapest Self-Drive Cars?

Several countries have stern rules and regulations on the maximum and minimum age for people renting a car. Generally, drivers above the age of 70 and below the age of 25 are not allowed to rent self-drive cars, or they may have to give an extra surcharge for renting a self-drive car. You should always check the age eligibility before traveling to another country. 

Hidden Costs Of Cheapest Self-Drive Cars

When you find a cost-effective deal while booking the cheapest self-drive car rental, you are tempted to click the book button on the website. But this is where you need to be careful; before booking the rental car, you should always enquire about any penalties, weekend specials, hidden costs, gas charges, billing cycle, and so much more. Also, while you are busy doing that, you can ask if any add-ons or discounts are available. It requires prompting the rental agencies to give you their best prices. 

Get An International Driving Permit 

You are wrong if you think you can drive the cheapest self-driving cars in another country using your domestic license. That is only possible if you are traveling to your friendly neighboring country. You can check out with the embassy of the country you are traveling to learn about any specific clauses or policies for international drivers. In most countries, people need an International Driving Permit (IDP). The driving permit translates the driver's information into ten different languages and is acceptable in more than 150 countries. For example, if you are going from India to any other country, you can get your IDP by submitting a fixed amount fee and providing your below-mentioned documents.    

  • Form 4
  • Proof of Indian citizenship
  • Medical certificate (can be obtained from the RTO)
  • Copy of driver’s license
  • Copy of address and proof of age
  • Copy of passport and visa
  • Five passport-sized photographs
  • Copy of air tickets


A Thorough Comparison Of Cheapest Self-Drive Cars

When you are looking to book self-drive rental cars, you should spend some time reading the terms of service, comparing tariffs, and the types of cars that different rental companies use to operate in the area. The smart way to do it is by searching for similar cars on different rental car platforms for your travel dates. And while doing that, check the inclusion prices against the price quotes.

Car Rental Insurance

Before booking your cheapest self-drive car, you should also check the car rental insurance. Remember that your domestic car insurance won’t cover your rental self-drive car insurance when booking. If you own a travel credit card, your best bet is to look if your card offers any of the coverage benefits to rental cars, such as coverage for thefts or accidents. If not, you need to get basic insurance coverage for your rental and thoroughly go through the fine print to ensure that there are no tricky clauses or exclusions that can limit your coverage's ability.

Get A Practical Estimation Of Fuel Expense

The cheapest Self-Drive Cars might consume more fuel. Prices of fuel are extremely high in some countries. So it would be best if you got a practical estimate of what amount of money you would be spending on fuel during your entire stay. There are websites through which you can check the fuel prices in a country that will give you a rough estimate of how much you will be spending on car fuel and help you decide your budget accordingly. You may realize that public transport may be more convenient and economical than renting a car.

Read All The Traffic Rules Beforehand

It would assist you greatly if you familiarize yourself with all the traffic rules and driving norms of the country you are going to on a trip before you even go anywhere near a car. It is especially important if you drive on a different side of the road or use a different hand to drive than the one you are used to. Learn about all the fine details like rules on speeding and overtaking, who has the right of passage when going through the inner circle, the permit to turn right or left on a traffic signal, which lane are you supposed to drive in, and so much more. The country's traffic rules and regulation guide is the best place you can learn about all the traffic rules and regulations.

Final Words

Now that you know all about how to book the cheapest self-drive cars and all the things you should pay attention to before booking, we will tell you the best place where you can book these cars. At Amerigo Voyage, you can get the cheapest self-drive cars for your long or short travel journeys. On top of getting the cheapest self-drive car facility, we also provide exciting cashback offers and easy booking features. You can also book local cabs from our website even at the oddest hours and reach your destination safely and comfortably.

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