Best Hotels In NYC For Families: The Ultimate Guide For Travelers


Best Hotels In NYC For Families: The Ultimate Guide For Travelers

Are you looking for the best hotels in NYC for families for your next vacation? New York City is one of the great places to plan a family vacation. Whether it's a few days or a week-long vacation, the number of attractive places it has covered all the age groups. While planning a vacation for the whole family, your traveling game changes completely. You need to find a great hotel to stay, food to eat, and places to visit in NYC.

When finding the best hotels in NYC for families, you need to consider everything like stay facilities for families, rent, location, and many more. This post will suggest the best hotels in NYC for families that will make your next vacation better than ever.

How To Choose The Best Hotels In NYC For Families?

To give your family members a great vacation experience in NYC, you have to take care of finding the best places for them to stay. While choosing the  best budget hotel New York City, consider the important factors before booking a hotel for your family in NYC. 

The Location Of The Hotel

When choosing a hotel in NYC for a family, consider the hotel's location first. Choose the hotel close to your places to visit during your family vacation. If you plan to visit the Museum of Art, choose the hotel nearby. In this way, you can save a lot of travel costs while visiting your places of attraction.

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The Size Of Rooms

The size of rooms is also an important factor to notice while choosing the best hotels in NYC for families. Most of the hotel booking sites show square images of the hotel rooms. Before booking a hotel, consider the room size that fits all your family members well. For a better stay experience, go with a hotel room size greater than 300 square feet.

Book Early During Vacations

Finding the best hotels in NYC for families becomes a really difficult task during vacations. Most of the hotels for families in NYC are expensive during the holiday season. You may also find it difficult to book a hotel room during this season. It's always better to book a hotel early before your traveling date. You will find the best deals on family hotels in NYC by applying this method.

Decide Your Budget

Decide your budget before booking a hotel in NYC for your family. If you plan a family vacation to New York City for the first time, this step becomes most important. To make sure you don't spend too much on hotels, prioritize your budget while finding the best hotels in NYC for families. Once you decide on the final budget you spend on hotel rooms, you can select a relevant hotel that comes in your budget.

Read The Reviews

For choosing the best hotel in NYC for your family, spend some time reading about other travelers' experiences. You can easily find customer reviews on hotel booking sites. Therefore, read the different reviews of the customers regarding the family hotels in NYC. This step will give you a better idea about the hotel's facilities for the families in New York City.

Which Are The Best Hotels In NYC For Families?

Once you have everything, book a hotel in NYC for your family. Let's look at the best hotels available for families in NYC. There could be many hotels that most hotel booking sites claim to be the best for families. We pick a list of the best hotels in NYC for families for you with the help of our reliable sources.

Red Carpet Inn

Red Carpet Inn hotel is one of the perfect staying places for families. The hotel is located centrally in Whippany, which is a 15-minutes drive distance from Ukrainian American Cultural Center. The places of attraction this hotel covers for families are Whippany Railway Museum and Turtle Black Zoo. 

If your family plans to visit the specific places in Whippany, then this hotel should be on your list. You will get a fast check-in facility and a superb dining and room facility. Moreover, Red Carpet Inn has a special playing space for the kids, which you can use with your booking package.

New York Marriot Marquis

New York Marriot Marquis is another great hotel for families in NYC. This hotel is centrally located in the heart of New York City, which is 600 meters away from the Minskoff theater and 500 meters away from Times Square. If your place of visit is in NYC near Times Square, we suggest you go with this family hotel.

The feature this hotel provides to the families is the free Wi-Fi, a shopping space, and a game center for the kids. Moreover, you can enjoy the family dining facility with some of the best world dishes. This hotel's furnished extra space room will cover all your family's needs.

New York Hilton Midtown

New York Hilton Midtown offers a 5-star family facility in NYC. It is located at the Avenue of the American, which covers the great places of NYC. This hotel is 6 minutes walking distance from the Rockefeller Center and 600 meters away from St. Patrick's Cathedral. It covers other travel destinations and places in NYC as well.

This hotel delivers 5-star rated room service to families. It covers the nearby hiking trails for the adventure families. Additionally, you will get a banquet hall and ballroom to enjoy family time in the hotel.

Park Lane, New York

Park Lane, New York, is centrally located in the heart of NYC. This family hotel provides great places to visit in NYC like Madison Avenue, Columbus circle, and Top of the Rock. It is 600 meters away from the Columbus Circle and 0.8 km away from the Museum of Modern Art. You will get the 24-hour fitness facilities, 5-star dining, and express check-in services. The hotel offers a spacious bar lounge and message service to all age groups of the family members.

The Plaza Hotel

A stay at Plaza hotel gives you an immense option to visit the various places. This hotel is located near the Central Park Zoo, which offers a great facility to explore different animals. If you have kids who love visiting the Zoo, this hotel makes it even easier.

It perfectly covers the other different places like Madison Avenue, the Museum of Modern Art, and Carnegie Hall. The Plaza Hotel offers 24/7 room services for the families, special babysitting and childcare, and a dining facility for your family. You will get everything best in this hotel, including customer service, room space, and extra activity places.

Which Is The Cheap Hotel In New York Manhattan For The Families?

If you have a specific place to visit in Manhattan city within a budget, you may look for a cheap hotel New York Manhattan. There are various  best budget hotel New York City that covers Manhattan's places. The cheap hotel in NYC Manhattan for families is the Days Inn & Suites. This hotel in Manhattan costs only $195 per night, including taxes and fees. 

Days Inn & Suites is located near the East Gallatin River, which offers a great view to the families. It covers various places to visit in Manhattan like Lindley Park, Gallatin County Museum, and Emerson Center of Arts. This hotel offers free breakfast, a swimming pool, 24-hours gym access, and a laundry facility to the families on this cheap budget. 

These facilities make it one of the best hotels in NYC for families. If you are searching for the best budget hotel in New York City, Manhattan, then Day Inn & Suites should be your first choice.

Final Words

Finding the best hotels in NYC for families seems the most difficult task initially. You need to take care of every family's needs while deciding the best place to stay in NYC. You also need to check your budget before choosing a great hotel for the whole family. With proper knowledge, you can find the relevant hotel which makes your vacation more comfortable and memorable.

This post covered the best hotels in NYC for families to enjoy the vacation. We hope you will find this post helpful in booking a hotel for your family. Amerigo Voyage offers a great booking platform for travelers. We cover the top-rated hotels to make your journey even better. Our other services include car booking, flight booking, and travel insurance for travel enthusiasts. For getting our top-notch travel services, visit our website now.

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