10 Important Things To Look For Before Booking A Hotel


10 Important Things To Look For Before Booking A Hotel

So, you found the perfect flight deal for your holiday, and now it is time to look for a hotel room that is best suited to your comfort and budget. There are thousands of hotels to choose from, and we understand that it gets hard to find one place that suits your needs and desires.  How would you decide which hotel to go to? Which website to trust? How to compare the amenities they provide? Last but not least the most important is the price of the hotel.

It can get extremely overwhelming at times to look for a hotel with all the facilities and services you are looking for. Now, you must be wondering why choosing the right hotel is so necessary, right?. When you think about it, you will get the answer to that question. Hotels are where you come to rest after a long day of traveling and exploring the city. So, now you wouldn’t want to live in a very far place or be difficult to commute to, right? Selecting the best hotel to stay at during the vacation can turn your trip into an amazing experience, or choosing the wrong one can turn it into a nightmare.

With all these things in mind, we can give a few tips that can help you choose the best place to stay at.

Always Compare The Price

Before you go on to book a hotel, the first thing you should do is compare the prices. Different booking websites have different prices for the same hotel. Different booking domains have several policies, packages, and prices. You can also check for the hotel booking sites with discounts  to get the best deals on hotel bookings. Other than checking out the hotel-booking websites, you should always go through the direct hotel website and compare the prices of both places.

Some websites also provide offers such as booking a flight or hotel together or booking hotels for several nights can help you save some money. You can also use some coupons or cashback for additional savings. ( Read More )

Read The Reviews

It is essential to closely check ratings and reviews of a hotel before making any booking. The best part about the internet is that you can get honest reviews from people who have stayed at the property through multiple platforms. Before booking, you should check out the reviews on the hotel website and a few other reliable booking websites that can give you a good idea about the property. You should at least read a minimum of 5-10 reviews before booking a hotel. Reading reviews about a hotel can help you give you information about its overall vibe, atmosphere, customer service, cleanliness, and how the hotel deals with customer complaints.

The Cancellation Policy Of A Hotel

When you look for a hotel booking in advance, you should always check the cancellation policy of that place. Different hotels have different cancellation policies that you should know of before making a booking. A customer-friendly cancellation booking is the one that saves your time and money in case your plan changes for some reason.

Some offer hotel booking free cancellation and some hotels charge for cancellation. The cancellation process has a 24-hour policy, and some have a 72-hour policy depending on the hotel guidelines. Also, some hotels have a no-refund policy, so you should use filters such as ‘ free cancellation’ (if the website offers the option) while searching for a hotel.

Check For Airport Shuttle

While booking a hotel, you should search for one close to the airport or at least not very far, if possible. It would help if you also look for the easiest and most reliable way to commute between the two places. You can also look for hotels that provide free shuttle service between the hotel and the airport because the transport service from the airport can be costly.

Check For Free Breakfast Facility

We all love free food while we are out on vacation. What is better than getting free breakfast and saving a few important bucks, right? It would also be extremely convenient for you to get out of your bed and go for breakfast in the hotel itself without having to deal with the hassle of going outside and searching for food first thing in the morning.

Check For Payment Policies At The Hotel

Many hotels need a credit card as a safety measure for incidentals during check-in. The hotel will keep your card with themselves until you check out, so you need to go out ready. Also, you need to make sure that you carry all your necessary identity proofs while traveling. Ensure that the booking is made under your name, and bring your identification card for verification purposes. Some places also only take credit cards and not debit cards, so make sure you know the hotel's policies ahead of time. It would be best to have your hotel booking confirmation with you in case of an emergency or check-in.

Look For A Free Wi-Fi Facility

If you are going somewhere, you need to check for free Wi-Fi. If you are going on a business trip or an individual, who works as a nomad, Wi-Fi is a must. Some hotels provide Wi-Fi to every room or just the common area, and some do not even provide Wi-Fi services to the customers. So, if you think that you will need Wi-Fi services for your trip, you should check this out.

Do Not Fall For Images

Until and unless you are going to a hotel with an exceptional reputation, you should not believe all the pictures you see on the website. The main purpose of the pictures made available by the hotel is meant to attract customers, and because it’s not the complete truth so you should not believe in the images only. Instead, you can read the reviews of the hotel. It is possible that things can look beautiful in a picture, but their reality could be very different.

Check For Additional Fees And Taxes

A lot of hotels or websites have hidden additional charges that can be really high and impact adversely on your budget. The additional taxes and fee on booking a hotel room is something you should look at carefully. In several cases, the initial booking rate excludes the additional taxes, and some booking websites also take booking fees. Therefore, you need to ensure that the place you choose does not go out of your budget after all the taxes are added. To get the best hotels at a fair or cheap price, you can search for the hotel booking best deals.

The Check-In And Check-Out Time Of A Hotel

Is the reception open during all times of the day? This information is crucial to know if you will arrive early or late as per your flight schedule. If you arrive at a hotel earlier or later than your check-in or check-out time, you should call and ask the hotel staff. Few hotels will permit you to check in a room early if they have the space and the room is ready, but a few hotels permit a timely check-in even if they have the room available.

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